Greengage LLP

Greengage solicitors stand for legal wellbeing and human connection, nurturing start-ups as well as small-and medium enterprises by providing solid foundations for future growth. Bolter’s branding entwines concepts and imagery inspired by the natural world. The metaphor of a greenhouse nurturing seedlings stands for the safe space Greengage provides for their clients. Elegant pictograms and light-filled spaces convey a sense of warmth, solidity and weightlessness – creating a space to thrive. And visuals of strong and beautifully simple plant structures infer nourishment, growth and connection.

Elegant pictograms are paired with images and textures of the natural world. Light filled spaces convey the sense of warmth and weightlessness. This is a space to thrive.


Amalgamating architectural thinking and the poetry of light.

Greengage LLP

Nurturing growth through meaningful legal practice.

The Bear Inn

Masterful story-telling and sympathetic detailing promise The Bear Inn’s visitors a beautiful visit.

Blooming Blends

Powering positive change in our bodies; ancient knowledge recast by science and blended for modern life.


Flavour and chemistry combine to elevate gastronomic experiences.

Spook London

Expressing bold new ideas: defining modern hospitality and luxury catering.

Hippo Inns

Rolling out a new aesthetic across a chain of London’s best-loved community pubs.

Averil Blundell

Combining texture with timeless appeal.

Church Fenton & LEA

Transforming a former RAF base into a mini-enterprise city.

T Balance

Creating a visual identity to represent Tori Boughey’s positive approach and powerful partnerships.


Designed to connect successful investors with successful investment.

Girl Gone Wild

Making a mark by bringing wild-meat ready meals in familiar formats to the world.

Ben's Yard

Defining customer journeys through visual poetry at artisan retail village, Ben’s Yard.

The Chocolate Society

Re-imagining chocolate through innovation; creating meaningful journeys through taste.

ata football

Bringing the entire world of women’s football under one roof. #jointhesquad

Tame & Wild

Celebrating the sophisticated with a range of sparkling infusions reminiscent of the winemaker’s craft.