Our Founders

Our founders, Alice and Lal, met at Chelsea Art College. Their shared interests and passion for design led them to create Bolter.

The power of their partnership lies in the balance of their skills and the duality of their outlooks. They believe that breadth of experience is everything – and from it comes powerful design.

Simply, they love working alongside each other and seeing Bolter’s designs on the shelf.

Our Approach

Starting out eight years ago, our early success was built on human instinct and the ability to translate personality and purpose into enduring design.

We have since grown with our clients but remain proud of our small agency approach. One of our founders still leads on every project, and we love to work collaboratively, forging meaningful relationships with every client.

We’ve built a diverse family of agile and curious minds – foodies and cyclists, mixologists and musicians, city dwellers and rural romantics – and it’s these points of difference that fuel our creativity.

Essentially, Bolter is a team of brilliant minds.

Our Passion

Our anthropological approach pairs perfectly with food projects.

Our understanding of food goes beyond nutrition and gastronomy.

Food is at the heart of human connections: it transcends boundaries, underpins interactions and brings people together. From windswept barbecues to delicate dim sum, we think about what we consume and how it shapes our environment. We celebrate the role food plays in our communities and culture, and weave our knowledge into every project.

This is why some of the industry’s most exciting names have chosen Bolter to craft their vision.

It’s an honour to work alongside these brands as we innovate the space together, one taste at a time.