Dinner Ladies

Dinner Ladies are on a mission to create a new era of food for positive change.


THINK eggs were devised by a farmers' collective intent on taking the humble egg to new heights.

Aimee's Table

Conjuring up an appetite for food that is made for sharing.

JNR Foodie

We've taken JNR Foodie's curious campaigners on an adventure to see where their food comes from.

The Bear Inn

Masterful story-telling and sympathetic detailing promise The Bear Inn’s visitors a beautiful visit.

Pearl & Groove

A cake baking, buying, and eating movement that beams out joy and delight.

Blonde Brothers

Source-to-sip: organic beer that is grown and brewed on one farm in the Wylye Valley.


Amplifying the potential of fresh ingredients with a drizzle, dollop or dash of these bottles of pure, locked-in flavour.

Blooming Blends

Powering positive change in our bodies; ancient knowledge recast by science and blended for modern life.


Flavour and chemistry combine to elevate gastronomic experiences.

Spook London

Expressing bold new ideas: defining modern hospitality and luxury catering.

Jane Lovett

Bringing energy and cut through to acclaimed cookery demonstrator and author, Jane Lovett.

Hippo Inns

Rolling out a new aesthetic across a chain of London’s best-loved community pubs.

Girl Gone Wild

Making a mark by bringing wild-meat ready meals in familiar formats to the world.


Introducing glamour and a sense of belonging to the expanding world of soft drinks.

Annabel's Deliciously British

Visual poetry; achieving exceptional products with pioneering approaches in farming and sustainability.

The Chocolate Society

Re-imagining chocolate through innovation; creating meaningful journeys through taste.

Ollie & Lucy's

Ollie & Lucy’s artisanal food – from field to fork with love.

Tame & Wild

Celebrating the sophisticated with a range of sparkling infusions reminiscent of the winemaker’s craft.


Heralding a new dawn for mixers through savvy marketing.

Burren Balsamics

Exciting and delighting: a journey through flavour.